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Adventure finds those who seek it!

“Come one come all, to Whitewater!” So goes a popular traveler’s saying throughout Shim, the Western province of the Telkov kingdom.

As one would think this bustling mercantile city attracts many a traveler to those lands, and with the abundance of caravans and ships going through Whitewater, there is no shortage of workers. Many powerful lords and merchants have also moved their trade to Whitewater, favoring its beautiful coastal regions over the dry climate of southern Telkov.

Though the city does not prosper as it once did, as the city and its surrounding forests have become infested with thieves and bandits of every kind. The woods showed their true colors to our party even before they made it to the city limits. In search of renown and coin they set out to stand against the evilness of the woods, but nothing foreshadows the evilness awaiting them to the East.

Home Page

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